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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  October 18, 2016 4:30am-4:33am EDT

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ys,?j?1the wathealk when they grow upnd gibut i was rpsed, d trump continto nocarolina.
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it'sswere esponsible for bama's2008viory north oba by 4,s 5.1% of tht seansby rtcarolina we're gog to win nnoncitizen voters. ? as clton leads by about 2% in nedah carolina and trump les in ohio by 4%. >> ire aepcan or a crat, there are polls out thshowinth your candidates in the polling data getting closed on votedonald trum
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leading clinton. hers witclton d confusofanalrey contention campaign. i'ing ey
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nteers. e doesn't re about s. at candidat can'get doneif they' debate forum. a debate on wednesy. >> has bbaseon facts. that's what peop r u your couni to that in a it ov three weeks. >>a %?d?confence yesterdagovernorfire unimagible yeerdaafrnoohe came by the office havfirst-police someone reflma mateal through spray pnted
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th. theyaven't announced y arrest or pubcly identified noi the people who have been worng here atbe nervous not knowingi the are se lehe day topitch inby sen e-mails and packaging he plans to movea nearby office in a fe ys. rea 0 busisses are likely flooding damag hardesunder water. some people 'tknow when the geidrealit cogomy life. get furnite.
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entire evoday reve. >> people -
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causedto 1,0 businesses, s and t buildings. so while the homes anmany milies ardamahe kids e headg ba to the at toond and high sc come inand workg digently. ey'll be fe an sound once x your kids are heed back to school here hnstostill giveourself some extra time. cbs north caroli. >> we're that exactlyrig.
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our maps. osures. 95southbnd hareod throughoutthe state. that's not something we're going to be one ofhe wst ashit. soutound side.sboro ro closed between d ofloong. again,as l affected schooloday. to
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. ve stephen. spirit the waing eforkidstart knocngdoor. how lianassa intern >> temperatus the 0s
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halloween is a fun ti. the last thing i want to be is the fun poice. >> but in turn hesays if u are a meowner re a aware of a hazaron your properhamight be see to eveone el and d you co liable. >> the fun lso e
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rving himsel dss sponsibl fothcontent
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spalamone argeaatrlot th are costum ss the y ro eventu yard datiotee let's talkn e weather outsid lk ik >> it's real wtside this morni. ere rm the seval woor talking i liket cte toarinternatna
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cover. it's a good thing. ying out and feling now. flood --nt :3triver floodings still a lot of flded crand stres. it's rr day. e averagfor th ti f d wee got sunsne allday. t'loong like a beautil day across area. maa auec
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e next cold fronis friday a chance a few spot owers dung t day friday. er. frontlearthe ea ee a inrin sunny d dry for us across nt seral days here.
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smitieldand sbo. 82 in durm and l . o 84ine afternoon sppotslose recorhh temperatures. 86 deg ifail torr. ourecord high is thsd iday ppgs our -- eeler road. i- notoo muchto worry abou however we sti road closures. weo have a crash out there in raleigh. millbrook road. heads up but neeing that slow thingsjust but
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ght near it 7 ads up oser ode many yore n another +? cbs this morning. >> cominup risk
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ss isout of a >>the fiterstrying toik aslirestrd ve ris. isis tod e outskiry6 -- drove y


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